show me what you’ve got!

On Monday I had my last dance school audition, and although I haven’t heard back yet, I’ve got my heart set on NSCD next year. So no matter what I think that’s where I’ll be heading. It made sense, therefore, to share all the things I’ve learnt over the last couple of months, especially tips and tricks that I wished I knew at the beginning! I’ve broken it down into six sections:


This is basically your technique and stuff. Give yourself the best possible advantage! Personally I advise fitting in as much dance as you can before auditions so as to immerse your body in movement and to get yourself in the right mind set. Get all the extra practise you can! 

Also knowing exactly what the audition will consist of. Do you need a solo? If so, practise it so much so that you could do it with eyes closed! Also get people to watch it, it’s good practise and they may have some good tips. 

Get a good nights sleep, good breakfast and get there early (be the keen one!)


Know the school and the course you’ve applied for inside out. Have some questions prepared ready (try to be more inventive than ‘when will we find out who’s got in’) and perhaps google some of the teaching team as well. If you had to submit a personal statement, go through it again. Think about shows that you’ve seen recently. Did you like them? Or not? Be prepared to talk about yourself!


Make sure what you are wearing is appropriate for the school and the audition. If you know you’re going to be doing ballet, then ballet tights and shoes is obvious, right?! Neat hair, nice make up (unless you’re going musical theatre and then it’s bold!) and a natural smile are all worth it! If you’re having an interview as well it wouldn’t hurt to smarten up, and look presentable. After all, your body is your greatest tool, you have to sell yourself! 


Every thing you do in connection with the school will build their impression of you. Your handwriting on the application, how you arrive/exit, how you move in and out of the space and most importantly how you get on with other auditionees. They don’t want robots! You need to show your personality and friendliness, after all if you are successful these people may be in your class next year. You also need to be professional! Schools don’t want ‘slobby’, uncommitted students.


Believe in yourself! Sure you’re going to be nervous, but you’ve got to remember that everyone else is in the same position. Just think about it as class! Or as my dance teacher said to me, when you’re driving a car, the mechanisms and the actual driving you don’t think about, instead you’re concentrating on the road or whatever. An audition should be like this. You shouldn’t need to think about technique, just focus on performing and enjoying yourself!


Have fun! Make friends with people (don’t talk during class though!) Just enjoy the movement and don’t get all dead eyed and stare-y. Like I said, they don’t want robots and if you genuinely look like you’re enjoying yourself then it’s going to reflect well on you.

Possible Interview Questions:

  1. What choreographers do you like?
  2. What shows have you seen recently?
  3. Compare two shows you have seen recently.
  4. Name a show you didn’t like and say why.
  5. What do you think about choreography?
  6. What other arts do you do? (Music, art, reading etc.)
  7. Why did you apply here?
  8. What do you know about the course?
  9. What do you think of the school?
  10. Where else have you applied? (be careful here!)
  11. What is your dance history?
  12. What performances have you done?
  13. Have you ever choreographed anything?

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me on

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