Exam Stress, Injury Stress, Life Stress

Things are getting pretty crucial at the moment. My A Level Art exam is in precisely one week, and in six weeks time I will have finished all of my exams, be done with school and counting down the days until I start at NSCD. But, I have to get through all that first, plus, I’m wrestling with a pulled hamstring and an ankle that is still playing up.

Things aren’t ideal to say the least. However, I’ve just found out some great news! I will be performing at White Lodge on the 31st May with the DanceEast Academy. I am truly very excited about the prospect. Although I’ve never been there I’ve heard that the Royal Ballet School is a beautiful place, and the chance to perform James Cousins’ piece another time with everyone at CAT will be lovely!

Plus, I shall be heading up to Leeds next week to try and find a house! I can’t wait! Things are getting serious though, and I still feel really naive when it comes to things like signing contracts, finding the best student bank account and sorting out my student loan. I’m getting there though!

So this is my life at the moment. But, in a kind of weird way I enjoy the pressure and am looking forward to the relief of not having to do anything in six weeks time! Hard work always pays off!

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