I’ve found the right path, and I ain’t getting off it


I have some great news! Richard and I have got the go ahead to do our choreography! We will be performing our duet in the End Of Year Show at DanceEast Ipswich on Saturday 27th July! You can buy tickets here: http://www.danceeast.co.uk/whats-on/653/DanceEast-Academy–End-of-Year-Show/

I really can’t wait to get started properly. Before I hadn’t ruled out choreographing I had just been so focused on performing that it didn’t really factor in. On reflection this is pretty narrow minded as finding performance work in the contemporary world that lasts all year is pretty damn hard to come by. Yet on the plus side, ever since I was younger I have wanted to have a portfolio career and with all the career talks I’ve been to over the last year, that is pretty much what I can expect to have. I personally think that if I could perform, teach, choreograph and perhaps be able to incorporate some arty or fashion type thing- like running a blog or having a column in a magazine or website would be amazing. In fact it would be my dream lifestyle. I know it’s pretty ideological, but it’s a dream right and you’re allowed to dream as big and as crazy as you like! 

On a side note, I found my flat for next year! It really is the best place ever, it was the first place we looked at and my flatmates and I absolutely fell in love with it straight away! I can’t wait to move in and get cosy! 

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