You don’t always get what you wish for

3 thoughts on “You don’t always get what you wish for”

  1. Love this as I am in the exact same position. I wanted to go to Laban and didn’t get in to either Laban or LSCD but did get into Northern 🙂 It’s the place to be and I am sure we will have an amazing time.

  2. I’ve just read it… you know what? I did an audition for codArts in Rotterdam and I was in the reserved list as well as for The place. It really disappointed me because I had a scholarship to join the CAT summer intensive at The place 3 years ago and at that time they said me I could do the audition to get into the degree course. by the end I didn’t cause I had to finish the school in Italy. moreover 2 friend from my dance school in Italy did the degree course at LCDS. it was qite frustrating to think I wasn’t enough.. then I spoke with one of my friend graduated from LCDS and she said to me… “sometimes they know there are better places for you somewhere else and they give you the opportunity to get into the school that can turn you in the best dancer you can be. Now we are approaching to begin our “first last term” (can I say that? does it make any sense? I hope so…) and I’ll never know how it would be to study at LCDS but… you know what? I might think my friend was right.

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