those magical choreographic creations

I’ve always thought it would be totally cool to be a choreographer. To have loads of critically acclaimed pieces under my belt that flocks of people came to see on a weekly basis, and not forgetting a company of the best dancers in the whole entire world.

So I thought maybe I should dip my toe in the pool of choreography, and see whether I’m actually any good (nervous smile). My friend Richard and I, if all goes to plan, will be performing a duet at the DanceEast CAT End of Year Show on Saturday 27th July at DanceEast in Ipswich- you can find out more and book tickets here:–End-of-Year-Show/

…Turns out creating choreography that is entirely stunning and profound in its effect on the audience is a lot harder than I first anticipated. It is very easy to make mindless movement which although it may look cool lacks the emotional and meaningful qualities which truly make a great piece. Hello first stumbling block.

Let’s add to this the influence of the music choice. It is also very easy to transform this girl/boy duet into some lyrical love affair that is devoid of purposeful clout and becomes all too cliche. The right music choice is crucial! Lyrics will add a meaning to the choreography, create a relationship between the dancers even if you don’t intend it to- hence, that’s why lyric-less music is the avenue that we’ve decided to go down.

Building on this, the structural dynamics and flow of the music additionally proves difficult. I can completely understand why people use composers to create music specifically for your piece. Unfortunately, being skint dance students with only a short amount of time and very few resources this is a luxury we are not privy to. Cue, the hours spent editing music and agonising over how to get the perfect ending note.

Which leads me to the relationship between the dancers, especially in a duet. Trying to steer away from the romantic suggestions, but at the same time trying not to follow the concept of inverted roles is yet another stumbling block. Why is choreography this hard?!

It may seem like all I’ve done is moan about how difficult these elements of choreography are. Yet, when you consider that this piece is potentially very important, marks in a sense our choreographic debut and is something that we both desperately want to do well it is understandable. However, when it actually comes to making movement, it appears that we are virtually unstoppable. Helped by that fact that we’re both on the same wavelength, with the same vision for the piece, the contact duet just seems to make itself- very handy!

Although, as it stands the piece will need a ton of cleaning, re-structuring and searching for the emotional aspects, I feel very content with what we’ve got so far. Ideas for lighting and costume are much easier, and I feel confident that we should be able to perform our piece at the end of the month. Whether people will think it is an absolute gem or something that should be locked away and never seen again is for the audience to decide. But in terms of learning about choreography this piece has truly been invaluable, and who knows maybe I’ll be successfully choreographing later in life?!

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