CAT (not the furry animal)

I am an emotional person. Even the slightest hint of atmospheric music in a TV documentary can send me off into floods of tears. True to form it didn’t take me long to break down at the DanceEast CAT end of the year show. CAT had quite literally become that one thing that my whole life seemed to revolve around. Tuesday and Sundays were always reserved for CAT training, summer holidays always booked to fit around CAT summer intensives and going out on a Saturday became an increasingly rare occasion. It sounds cheesy, but without CAT there is no way I would even have dreamt about pursuing a career in dance let alone be about to embark on a degree course at NSCD.

I’ve made friends who I hope will last me a lifetime and been able to work with choreographers and professional companies who in my eyes are reincarnated Gods walking on earth. Invaluable is probably the most apt word to describe my experiences at DanceEast, but perhaps this doesn’t even cover everything. Hence, performing with Level 5 for the last time really did shock me into accepting that I was moving on and ahem, growing up.

I really cannot begin to recommend the CAT schemes across the UK enough. If you enjoy dance and think/ know that you want some sort of career in the dance world then you need to audition. I feel like I should be rewarded for singing the praises of the CAT scheme so much, but in real terms it wouldn’t be necessary because I already owe the programme so much!

CAT is difficult though, don’t get me wrong. Like I mentioned earlier you have to prioritise your training, if you have the commitment and passion then this shouldn’t be a problem. My four years at DanceEast has been the best foundation in the dance world I could possibly have hoped for. DanceEast introduced me to contemporary- a style that I had previously cast aside for hippies and people pretending to be trees. Plus, classes in Pilates, Health and other dance styles such as Capoeira and South Asian dance, have really opened up my eyes to the dance world other than Ballet and Contemporary. I’ve worked with dancers from Hofesh, Jasmin Vardimon, Phoenix and even James Cousins himself, I’ve developed my dance tastes and also realised that dance is waaaaaay more than just mindless movement and pretty shapes. I feel I have improved and evolved as a dancer so much in four years, and although I speak about myself primarily, I have also seen similar changes in people who have only been on the CAT scheme for a year.

This is all I’m going to write, I could go on believe me, and describe all four years in minute detail, but I’d probably get emotional and it’d be unreadable, *single tear starts to drip down face*.

If you want to know anything more about my CAT experience or more information about joining a CAT scheme then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

You can also find out more information right here:

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  1. I didn’t even know you had this blog untill today! I’d just like to say that your writing is truthful and original. It’s a really great blog char and something to be proud of and continue with! As for the CAT scheme I completely agree it has been the creator of all of us young, aspiring dancers. Although our time is up on the CAT scheme, I’m sure that we will all keep each other on our toes, as after all let’s face it, the dance world is very incestuos. It’s who you know and we’ll all be glad we know each other and grew up together.

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