I read somewhere in a magazine that journalling was the “IT” thing to do. And by that I mean that loads of celebrities are apparently doing it and loving it. I have no idea whether there is scientific proof that journalling is good for you, but they were praising the results.

Now seeing as I have just completed my first day at Northern (wooo it’s finally happening I know) and I desperately want to get the most out of the experience, journalling each day really struck a chord. This is not to say that I plan on creating some Bridget Jones-esque log where I count calories and moan about a non-existent love life. Rather I was thinking about something more reflective- how I feel; corrections; things to look up and small achievable targets to keep me motivated.

…Maybe… or it will turn into a scrawl of random creative ideas like my idea of a piece where the dancers all wear identical dark wigs that completely covers their faces, nobody pinch that idea.

This will of course be aside from blogging- I know that I wouldn’t want to read about how I felt getting up to do a ballet class on a Friday morning- it will probably be one of the most boring and confusing reads ever. However, I think it will be interesting to see whether it lives up to what the celebs have been saying. At the moment I have a notebook which I carry around with me and write down everything: to do lists; research; mind maps; plans etc. etc. But it isn’t very personal in the sense that I am evaluating my life. Yet I’ll keep you posted on how I feel about journalling once I’ve done a bit and maybe I’ll be recommending that you all get on the bandwagon!

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