500 words on homesickness

I didn’t think I would feel homesick. Everytime I have ever been away I’ve been a ripe ball of energy that hasn’t even thought about my home or wanted to go back. It sounds like my family keep me in a cage and only feed me once a week- just for the record they don’t, that would be abuse, I just like doing things and pretending to be independent. Granted, the longest I’ve ever been away from home until I moved out a little while ago was about a week and in today’s world mum and dad are only ever a text/call/email/tweet/facebook mail/skype call away….

It’s different though when you leave home. I was always the teenager who thought she was oh so grown up and independent. I could cook, work the washing machine and iron so as far as I was concerned I was a domestic goddess. I took my parents for granted. Sure I helped out around the house a bit, but having to cook, clean and sort out money all by myself is a whole nother story.

Not only is full time professional training physically and emotionally draining, but knowing that you’ve left two days washing up sitting on the kitchen counters, a washing basket full of clothes and that you also have to cook tea that night has the capacity to send you over the edge. This is also after just two weeks at Northern… I completely expect the cleanliness of the flat to get worse and my energy levels to decrease like my bank balance.

I miss my family, I miss being able to come home after a full day and having everything done for me. I miss being lazy! Sadly, the days where I can do absolutely nothing are dead and gone. My family live four hours away in the quiet countryside, whilst I live in a city, a place that feels a million miles away from what I’m used to. I’m not moaning though (although it may seem like I am), I know people have travelled half way across the world to train at Northern, they have to cope with a completely new language and culture, and some have lived away from their family for years. In comparison to them, my student experience is like going on an extended holiday camp.

In a way it is refreshing to be finally experiencing student life, and in that adulthood. Everyone has to grow up eventually, and whilst I miss the sheltered life of the Suffolk countryside where farmers drive their tractors to the shop and most people live in 18th century thatched cottages I can’t stay there forever. Luckily everyone at Northern is so friendly, it really does feel like a second home! Plus my flatmates are incredibly supportive and as we share the cooking, shopping and cleaning it makes things a whole lot easier. I may be away from my family and cuddles with my dogs, but the people around me now are inspired, determined and passionate about dance. With dance being such a difficult path to follow I feel it is imperative that you immerse yourself around like minded people. I won’t feel homesick forever, Northern and Leeds are already becoming my home and my family will always be there for me.

(sorry for the very emotional and somewhat cliche post, it had to be done at some point…)

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