Photography by Josh Hawkins

Image by Josh Hawkins

“I have recently been subject to an epiphany. Something that has taken me four years of CAT training and a term at Northern to come to terms with. It sounds so simple, or even silly, but I’ve only just realised that dance does not have to be continuous movement. With this idea, moments of pause and stillness can be more effective than just ploughing through without stopping. I’m not sure why I was conditioned into believing that dance could only be created and shared like this, however, I’d like to think that this is a notion that I can now play around with. So there it is, just a thought”.

A thought from Char Arnold! Thanks Char 🙂 This also reminds me of a description of dance that I heard at a workshop with John Britton over the last couple of days, he said; “Dance is…

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