Today is a sunny day.

It’s amazing how a good mood can lift your day. Whenever I feel overwhelmingly positive I wish I could bottle it up and use it whenever I feel angry, sad or frustrated. Adding to my good mood is the fact that assessments are basically over for this half term (apart from an essay draft to re-jig) and I am enjoying my fifth week body that seems to move with greater ease and strength than before.

Building on this the careers seminar on ‘making it happen’ today has filled me with such positivity about graduating and moving out into the arts world- a prospect that I had previously met with dread and almost sick anticipation. It is ridiculously easy to be pessimistic about graduating arts students, and the arts sector, and people generally seem very keen to question why people even enter the arts in the first place. We get it, you don’t need to repeat yourselves every five minutes and make us question our degree choice. We didn’t choose to study and create art for the money, or the fame, we chose because we love it and want to spend our lives doing it.

Of course, it isn’t easy to find stable work as an artist, I’ll make no attempt to sugar coat it, but it was very reassuring to be told that it isn’t the horrible soul sucking place that people make out. You can find work if you know where to look, taking on a part time job is not a disaster and tax returns are not that scary. A lovely reminder on a Wednesday afternoon of why I chose to study dance, that made me want to get out there and make work, to perform and to meet new and exciting people. If you constantly focus on the negatives, then you forget why you’re actually doing something- it becomes a hopeless dream that you’re pursuing with little to no chance of fulfilling. Negativity is not productive.

Perhaps it is my post-yoga chilled out self that has provoked this post, or the relief of being able to see the future more clearly, but I’m glad that I attended that seminar. I’m feeling positive, motivated and most importantly happy that I am studying the arts, despite what people might say.

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