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Two weekends ago I was lucky enough to review Yorkshire Dance‘s Juncture Festival as part of the young blogger’s scheme. Not only was the prospect of seeing dance and art not readily available in Leeds appealing, but the free tickets and ability to have my reviews published was very attractive.

Here are the links to my blog posts on the Juncture Blog if you didn’t get a chance to have a little read, and also some photographs I snapped over the weekend.

Nicole Beutler: http://www.juncturedance.com/young-blogger-reviews-a-dance-of-words/

Eyes As Big As Plates: http://www.juncturedance.com/young-blogger-reviews-eyes-as-big-as-plates/

Yorkshire Dance: http://www.yorkshiredance.com/

Juncture Festival Website: http://www.juncturedance.com/


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