LS7 4BH, 2014

Andile's Group: LS7 4BH, 2014
LS7 4BH, 2014 by Andile Sotiya

One thing I absolutely love about the degree course at Northern is that the second half of the Easter term is spent creating a piece in a professional format: class in the morning and then rehearsals for the rest of the day. This is a part of the course that I originally didn’t even realise Northern did, and is something that I am incredibly excited and thankful that we do- if anything I think that Northern should promote it more!

The last five weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster, and I have had plenty of mornings where I’ve struggled to roll out of bed, but also days where the time has flown and I’ve not wanted to go home. In many ways this rehearsal period has reminded me of Easter and Summer Intensives I did when I was on CAT at DanceEast, but just on a much more extreme level. I am loving it, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t wait to just sleep and let my body recover over Easter- anyone who knows me, will know that I bruise like a peach so you can just imagine what my body has been through!

In comparison to the pieces I was a part of at CAT I feel a lot more in control, but also out of my comfort zone a lot. Andile’s piece is predominately contact work, and involves me being thrown around numerous times, falling on the floor, and even playing with toy soldiers at one point. Having not done contact work to this extent before, I like having to trust other people, but also having the responsibility of looking after other people’s bodies as well. The piece feels very connected, it isn’t eighteen dancers separately on the same stage, we are working together. I feel like I have really grown closer to the other seventeen dancers in my group and it has been amazing to have the chance to work alongside them!

It also feels a lot more grown up, but I guess I have changed a lot since CAT (or so I hope), so it would be disappointing if I hadn’t progressed. Watching the student showcase on days when I wasn’t performing was also very inspiring. I felt awe struck by the pieces produced and performed by Northern students, especially the solo suites which were out of this world. I feel very proud to go to NSCD, and look forward to what the next two and a bit years will take me. Well done everyone!


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