planning ahead

Seeing as the Easter holidays are drawing to a close I thought it would be fitting to draft a list of things to do/attain during my last term of first year. A term that is scheduled with a full round assessments and is intended (I guess) to propel me into second year. It would be very unoriginal to list targets of: 1. get more flexible, 2. build strength and 3. give 100% in all classes, for naturally these go without saying, and by listing them would most probably fail in inspiring me to complete them due to their never ending possibility. Therefore I decided that it would be better to be slightly more ambiguous. Instead I should create targets that could be applied to general life and not just my classes at NSCD specifically. Intended I guess to help cultivate my creative curiosity, to motivate myself and to push myself out of my comfort zones- something that is especially important to me as I have a tendency to err on the side of caution.

1. Do More

2. See More

3. Be Adventurous

4. Be Creative

5. Be Open

True, they are not very original, nor are they are in depth and like the ‘stereotypical targets’ they do not have apparent boundaries. Yet what I think is the most important point behind these targets is that they can be applied to all areas of life, and not specifically dance. I know what my body needs to work on without having to explicitly write it down. In many respects body targets are straightforward, yet targets for creativity, ways of thinking and inspiration are a little more difficult. Therefore, I think this framework can help push me in new and exciting directions and is what I really need to focus on. And so I look forward to starting back next week and twelve weeks of hard work!

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