I love Leeds

I love Leeds more and more everyday. I love Northern, I love being in Yorkshire and I love the people here. Last night I went to Partytime in Dusseldorf: a fundraiser for Gracefool Collective, Spokeswoman and SLUTDROP at Browning House in Chapeltown, and just loved the atmosphere. Live performances, live music and pizza rolls- naturally it was going to be a winner in my books. Also, raising money for Gracefool Collective- five dancers who graduated from NSCD last year- felt great to be supporting their artistic practice. Everyone here is so keen to get involved in new things, to make work, to watch work, to support work. Everyone is so motivating and inspired by each other that you can’t fail to be influenced yourself. As you might have guessed I really am promoting Northern for anyone who is looking at dance schools. I promise you that if you come to Leeds you won’t regret it!

Adding to this, watching the Student Showcase at the end of last term really made me proud to go to NSCD. The standard of work from both the guest and student choreographers was out of this world, and I left each of the performances with a massive grin on my face. I’m starting this summer term with a huge amount of enthusiasm and motivation, and I can’t wait to see what happens over the next eleven weeks.

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