making movement

One thing that I’ve been saying throughout first year is that I want to push myself to create movement. I feel like it is an area that I still need to explore, but felt slightly scared and intimidated to enter into. Being creative on its own is not something that I find scary, but having to devise something that is longer than two sets of eight, quite frankly makes me want to run away and hide, hahaha. BUT NOT ANYMORE! As part of Choreographic and Creative Practise we are given the chance to create a site specific piece at Harewood House just north of Leeds. And I have made the hugely courageous decision to choreograph in collaboration with the beautiful Martina Gambardella. Hooray!

Working site specific is in itself different from working in the studio, and that we have had only two and a half days to create a piece and no pop up fountain to practise with back at NSCD it’s been a little bit manic. However, I like to think that what has been created is something intriguing nonetheless. One thing that I have really relished is how accommodating our dancers have been. They’ve been willing to try anything, been forthcoming with suggestions and kept going in the May heat, whilst I was hiding from the sun and drowning in suncream. They’ve all been little stars and has made me feel much more confident with exploring ideas.

Also, one aspect of working site specific that I’ve really enjoyed is observation. Observing the space, the different layers and surfaces and transferring them into movement. Working without mirrors, music or preplanned ideas has meant that the piece (although still not quite finished) is very organic and suited to the setting (if I might say so myself). I’ve always said that I’ve wanted to perform, and whilst I’ve not ruled out choreographing it’s always been an after thought. This experience has been very encouraging, and I feel a lot closer to cultivating my own artistic expression!

If you would like to come and watch the first years site specific pieces you can find out some more info right here: 

Harewood House

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