Leeds, city of illumination

I love Leeds. Everyday I find out something new, some hidden gem that makes me want to explore this beautiful city even more. Coming from a country background, I still find it surreal that buses are frequent, I can get a takeaway delivered and of course that there is 4G. City life is something I can easily get used to, and Leeds is the perfect place.

Light Night, is one of those nights where you never know what to expect. Usually I would try and plan out where I want to go, write down the times in a schedule and be informed on each event before I got there. Yet, for some reason Light Night is the only night where I am happy to bumble along, stumble upon things that I probably would never have seen had I programmed my night to the minute.

This year, we bypassed dance altogether. Instead we found ourselves in Millennium Square watching The Theatre of Illumination projected onto the The Civic Hall and admiring the Brodrick Hall in the City Museum- a beautiful round room auditorium, that has put some interesting project ideas to seed in my mind. We also found ourselves in the City Library, with a collection of over 25,000 art books and beautiful tiling in the entrance halls and stairwells, it was like being pulled back in time. I also (handily) now know where I can do some extra research for Ideas in Arts.

My favourite place of the night has to be the Town Hall. The architecture itself is worth a trip, but with the projection of Lotte Reiniger’s silhouette films, including her 1954 Sleeping Beauty (my favourite fairytale) it was like being a five year old child again. Followed by a trip down into the building’s basement and a peek into old jail cells it was as if the old Leeds was coming out to say hello.

It’s strange, as my usual trips to town so often only entail shopping and eating. You easily forget that Trinity, and the shopping quarter are only a small portion of this city. Events like Light Night, really ‘shed light’ on the little gems inside the city. It annoys me that I always forget to wander further when I’m pottering around on a Saturday afternoon. It shouldn’t be only once a year that these places are crowded with new, happy, intrigued people, and I only hope that I stick to my resolution and get more adventurous this year along with everyone else!


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