Burst at Yorkshire Dance reviewed by Char Arnold (2nd Year).


Friday Firsts #31: Burst!

new choreographic talent bursting onto the scene


Image credit: Zoe Bradley

Burst (curated by Melanie Purdie) was Yorkshire Dance’s thirty-first instalment of Friday Firsts and a collection of both thought provoking and light hearted pieces.

The evening, separated into two parts opened with Emily Rose Start’sSpace Studies. The use of multi-coloured lights meant that these beautiful rainbow shadows were projected onto the floor- transforming the piece into an experimental playground where the two dancers became intertwined in a visceral, pulsating duet.

Jamaal Burkmar’s piece Sonder enticed the audience with a controlled and sensitive movement vocabulary. Burkmar asked us to try to understand the stories and intention behind each movement.  The dancers guided us through the piece which we shared with them, witnessing as much as participating.

Throw like a Girl (choreographed by Rachel Clarke and Nicole Godfrey), meanwhile, opened with a…

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