Learning to Release 

Moving Landscapes- a week of Skinner Releasing run by Leeds based Rosemary Spencer and Sophie Alder at the Otley Courthouse.

Brimham Rocks

I have found a brand new fondness for Skinner Release after a week moving, laughing and learning amongst some amazing people. Having only completed one class of Skinner previously, I essentially came to the week long intensive with fresh eyes and ideas. Add to this that I had just spent two weeks running around with friends on holiday doing zero exercise, I was ready to embrace a gentle exploratory way back into moving after my break.

If you have never done Skinner before, I really urge you to take a class. Each day of the workshop consisted of a class from the fifteen class series and then a structured improvisation later in the day. The week also included two group outings to the serene and secluded Timble Forest and then to the curious solemness of Brimham Rocks which served to enrich our improvisations and open our eyes to the ‘landscape’ around us.

One of my favourite aspects of the Skinner technique is that you are encouraged to draw, write, go wild on a piece of paper after each of the set classes. There is something really interesting about consolidating what you have learnt after each class- and seeing which images and ideas have stuck with you the most. It reminds me of a much more colourful way of the reflective journalling we did in first year at Northern; a way to cement the teachings of each class.

I feel like I really gained new perspective over the week. Consistently finding that happy place when improvising where you have no idea what you are going to do next, and moving brings you such excitement. I genuinely feel like I crossed into the beautiful ground of releasing and exploring, and for that I am very grateful to Rosemary and Sophie.

If you would like to try out some Skinner for yourself, Rosemary and Sophie will be running weekly classes in Leeds, you can also visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skinner-Releasing-Technique-Leeds/400009133483311?fref=ts

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