The Term of Autumn

It’s finally the Christmas holidays, and although I’m still in Leeds doing a couple more shifts at work , I’ll soon be on my way, flying back to Suffolk on Virgin trains first class (I treated myself). Its been a really long term when I think about it, and I haven’t really had a break…

My autumn term, in a sense, started with Zoe Solomons intensive at Greenwich Dance before I hurriedly pegged it back up to Leeds on a Thursday night ready to start third year. Four days of Axis Syllabus was a beautiful way to wake up my body after a relatively relaxed summer holiday. Once back in Leeds, there were five weeks of technique, going crazy over solos and Light Night rehearsals. I had almost forgotten that Light Night even happened this term, and that I used to spend several evenings a week swinging around on slings in rehearsals- which reminds me, Mr Barnaby Booth you still have my memory stick!

This reading week was the first time in three years that I stayed in Leeds for the whole time- doing a workshop with DV8, finishing my solo and working at the theatre, I barely had time to sit down, let alone binge watch Disney films…

The second half of the term hailed the arrival of the solo assessment, but also a fabulous three weeks spent doing the third year site specific project- The Temple Newsam Project. A piece of work where Ella and I spent hours and hours making origami cranes (over 150), dancing in crinoline and endless cups of teas. The project has most definitely kindled a love for site specific work in me, and I hope that we as a octuplet can do something else together??

My term finally ended with a week with ACE for Jose Agudo’s research and development. A week that was by far the most challenging and intense week over the past couple of months, but also the most rewarding. New friendships formed, new styles of contemporary attempted, and exploring Birmingham for the first time it was definitely valuable. Now, I’m gearing myself towards Christmas and spending some quality time with my family, the most of whom I haven’t seen since September.

So in between filling out post grad applications, buying new ballet shoes and doing some leisurely exercise, I will be cuddling my dogs, eating a mountain of food and enjoying a drink or two. 2016 brings independent projects, auditions and… graduation, but lets not think about that right now.

Merry Christmas!

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