Why do people not like books anymore?


IMG_1021 Source: tumblr

I dislike Kindles. I have a big problem with their systematic technological take over. I personally hold them accountable for the rising prices of books, closing down of libraries and the increased usage of audio books. What happened to the humble paperback? Dog eared cream paper, published in 1965 and still entirely readable.

I like reading well thumbed books. They have a sense of history. Other people have read them, absorbed their contents and lovingly passed them on to someone else to enjoy. Shared enjoyment and information. Transporting people to parallel universes where Emma is setting couples up, the Swallows and Amazons are warring and Bridget Jones is still counting calories. I like my phone, laptop and tv, but I’m putting my foot down on kindles.

As a kid, I used to sit on my window seat and just read. You learn so much from reading. We have been…

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