4 step programme to do everything and anything

my awesome to do list

I think I may have just cracked the most efficient way of getting through my to do list, but also incorporating treats, and working out. I think I may in fact be a genius.

It goes a little bit like this:

  • I write my to do list- I have an app on my laptop which is pretty awesome and makes me feel totally organised.
  • I construct a list of exercises e.g. ten push ups, one minute plank, ten tricep dips…
  • Then, for each task I tick off my to do list, I have to do one exercise.
  • After every five tasks and exercises I get to treat myself (e.g. watching an episode of Parks and Recreation)

And that’s it. It’s brilliant though (if I might say so myself), because

a) I’m using my time efficiently

b) I’m breaking up long stints emailing, filling out applications or editing footage by getting up off my butt

c) I’m working out, which is great, because it is

d) I can watch Parks n Rec without feeling guilty about procrastinating and ignoring all the stuff I should be doing.

e) I’m finally tackling stuff that’s been on my to do list for months and months

I mean realistically, I can’t think of a reason why everyone shouldn’t adopt this system. I say that and I’ve been creating this system for several weeks and have only just started to use it religiously. However, it’s all perspective isn’t it. Baby steps will still get you places.

So, if you feel like you can/need to supercharge your efficiency levels then give this a crack. Even if you only do five things you’ve still done a lot! Whatdoyathink?

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