Graduation: Working with Joss Arnott by Charlotte Arnold


Working with Joss Arnott has not been easy. Firstly, because every morning I have to catapult myself out of bed, because my hamstrings feel like iron rods. Secondly, because all I can think about is counts every single minute of the day. I have 6’s and 8’s and 3’s coming out of my ears and rattling around in my skull. But finally and probably most importantly it’s been difficult because I feel super emotional about this being the last time I will dance with this lovely group of people, who have been constantly around me for the last three years. We have sweated together, bled together and cried together and I mean all of these literally- there are no boundaries within our year group- we’ve seen it all.

Apart from these three things, this rehearsal period has been a dream. Everyday after I’ve succeeded in catapulting myself out of bed…

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