My Second Monday as a Graduate

A lot of things have happened recently. Some massive milestones, and some more mundane things which have turned out to be quite exciting. Here’s a little timeline of events:


Twelve days ago, I performed Joss Arnott’s piece Catalyst for the first time.

Eleven days ago, I booked my flight to Denmark ready to start my apprenticeship with Black Box Dance Company.

Nine days ago, I graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. I cried, drank too much prosecco and crawled into bed in the early hours of the morning. I also bought a bike, got a gym membership and went to Pasta Romagna for the first time.

Eight days ago, I was initiated into the Leeds cycling community and realised that cycling up the slight hill on Chapeltown Road is the worst thing ever, as well as timing my lunch break so I could see Andy Murray win Wimbledon.

Seven days ago, I took my first pro dance class, did a yoga class with my new gym membership, and bought a new iron and saucepan because my boyfriend managed to destroy both of them over the past week. I also realised that this is now my life for next month.

Five days ago,  I did a double shift at Leeds Grand Theatre and did no exercise what so ever – it was great!

Four days ago, my little  brother came up to visit and we watched Michael McIntyre. I also downloaded Pokemon Go (big mistake, because I’m now obsessed) and I smashed out some cardio and core at the gym.

Two days ago, I worked my last shift at The Grand for the summer.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with my boyfriend and it was wonderful. Watching the Secret Life of Pets, chasing Pokemon in Lovell Park and taking advantage of Turtle Bay’s 2for1 cocktails.

Today, I realised I need to sort my life out.


It’s ten in the morning, and I’m still in bed. I’ve so far managed to check myself and Ben into our flights, buy Ben a flight back and book myself a train from Copenhagen to Holstebro. I’ve suffered through extraordinarily slow internet trying to work out the Danish Krone to GDP exchange rates and trying to work out what my Danish confirmation email is saying (on a side note, quite a few Danish words seem similar to German, my AS Level finally coming in handy!)  I still have to sort out where we’re staying in Copenhagen, book train tickets from Leeds to Manchester Airport, oh and find a new house in Leeds.

I feel like I should be more stressed. Last week I was super busy. In between working, going to the gym or doing pro class I was filled up with appointments and things to do. Now, these two weeks coming, my last two weeks before I’m off to Denmark for a month I have very little to do. I mean I’m doing four shifts at The Dance Studio Leeds, and I’m popping home to visit family and friends for a weekend, but other than that I have nothing planned. I will go to the gym, and I will chase Pokemon, but I really do need to start packing.

So far I have packed one bag. It’s completely filled with jumpers, roughly 1/8th of my wardrobe I would say. Three years living in the same flat has meant I’ve accumulated an inordinate amount of junk. Things I really don’t need, and clothes that no longer fit me. Indeed, I have things I brought with me on day one which I haven’t even used!!! I’ve already thrown out about three bags of rubbish, and taken two to charity, but if you had come into my room three weeks ago and compared it to now it would look no different.

Other than the constant amount of booking and organising, and all the packing I need to do the greatest struggle in my life right now is conquering the game of the Leeds rental market. I do not understand how you can win. At the beginning I felt like House Stark in season two, optimistic and feeling strong and now I feel like the House Tyrell, my line completely wiped out. I have after two months of searching realised that to win you must be the first. You must spot the new house first, you must call in to book a viewing first, you must view the house first and you must apply for the house first. That is the recipe for success. I apologise if you have not seen the end of Game of Thrones season six, I have just dropped a spoiler there.

As you can probably tell from this post and the way I am writing it, I am a little bit all over the place. I’m reverting back to childhood, with the incessant need to catch virtual creatures, I’m comparing my life to Game of Thrones and reluctantly packing up my room which has been my little underground cave for the last three years (it’s a basement flat). I am not afraid to admit I am scared to move to Denmark. I don’t want to leave Ben, I am terrified of Skype and the fact I only have 7 minutes to change train in a station I don’t know on my way from Copenhagen to Holstebro is the stuff of nightmares. But this is what I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember- I’ve wanted to live abroad, to learn new languages and to perform with a professional company and hopefully tour. Sometimes when all you want to do is curl up in bed and rewatch Game of Thrones, you have to step back and realise that there is more to life. More to explore, more to experience, more to enjoy. My biggest fear is regretting, but I can’t just play it safe for the rest of my life.

Welcome to my graduate life. I am stumbling through, but hopefully getting somewhere.


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