Looking behind, and looking ahead

Listen to this article! I won't lie, 2021 has probably been the best year of my career to date. I've achieved major goals, found that elusive financial freedom and for once felt like I'm succeeding. I'm generally not good at shouting about myself - it feels entirely egotistical, and uncomfortable. I can't boil down whether [...]

reflecting on my year in lockdown

>>listen to this article<< I was a completely different person last year, insofar that I didn’t give myself permission to do things, hanging on the consent of others to validate my decisions. Anxious and hesitant I moved through my personal, social and working life always waiting for others to say ‘that’s a good idea, you [...]

Find the space

Image credit - Rosemary Spencer and Sophie Alder Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), if you’ve never been introduced to it before, is in my humble opinion, the hidden gem of somatic inclined movement techniques. It never fails to find freedom in my skeletal patterning, invigorates my creativity and calms the inner Charlotte.  I chanced upon Skinner [...]

slowing down

I thought that freelancing would mean endless days of watching daytime tv. The sofa would be forever shaped by the impression of my butt, and I would dissolve into a mush of flesh. This hasn't happened. Perhaps, I'm still undergoing the honeymoon phase of freelancing - the freedom to sit in my favourite coffee shop [...]