Today is a sunny day.

It's amazing how a good mood can lift your day. Whenever I feel overwhelmingly positive I wish I could bottle it up and use it whenever I feel angry, sad or frustrated. Adding to my good mood is the fact that assessments are basically over for this half term (apart from an essay draft to [...]

Great Expectations

I'm going to see my brother play a rat in a school play tonight. I have no idea what it will be like, I have no expectations, not even of what my brother will be like, but in a way I like this. I like not knowing what to expect- it's exciting. I think sometimes [...]

Oh the irony,

I actually did some reading in reading week. This may come as a surprise, believe me I didn’t set out to sit and read about dance. Rather I planned to spend my days, sleeping, eating and re-watching the Harry Potter box set, thus completely distancing my mind from dance and attempting to relax. Nevertheless, I [...]

Nitty Gritty

I like grit. Something I realised when watching Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet on Tuesday. I admired the dancers' technical ability, clean lines and characterisation of the roles, but for me it was all a bit too nice. Nice being a word, that I don't particularly like to use, because when you describe something as being [...]