Space is a word that seems to be chucked around a lot. Every time someone says space, or I read about it in a book, I always think first about the universe, millions of stars and looking down on the Earth from afar. Then I realise that they are not talking about intergalactic exploration, but [...]

Leeds, city of illumination

I love Leeds. Everyday I find out something new, some hidden gem that makes me want to explore this beautiful city even more. Coming from a country background, I still find it surreal that buses are frequent, I can get a takeaway delivered and of course that there is 4G. City life is something I can [...]

in at the deep end

First day of second year = finished. Whilst I am filled with a huge amount of optimism for the coming year, and hugely determined to get stuck in, I can't help but feel a little bit overwhelmed. Walking into Northern's foyer this morning to a sea of unfamiliar faces all bright, and hopeful and excited, [...]