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Image credit - Rosemary Spencer and Sophie Alder Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), if you’ve never been introduced to it before, is in my humble opinion, the hidden gem of somatic inclined movement techniques. It never fails to find freedom in my skeletal patterning, invigorates my creativity and calms the inner Charlotte.  I chanced upon Skinner [...]

Already Gone for Asteroids Dance Company

It's been four years since I started this site, and although I am ashamed to admit I've been quite absent recently, however, I have been busy. Here are a few photos from my recent choreography for the Asteroids Dance Company, for their production Time on Saturday 22nd April 2017 in Holstebro, Denmark. My conception of [...]

My Second Monday as a Graduate

A lot of things have happened recently. Some massive milestones, and some more mundane things which have turned out to be quite exciting. Here's a little timeline of events: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twelve days ago, I performed Joss Arnott's piece Catalyst for the first time. Eleven days ago, I booked my flight to Denmark ready to start [...]

Graduation: Working with Joss Arnott by Charlotte Arnold


Working with Joss Arnott has not been easy. Firstly, because every morning I have to catapult myself out of bed, because my hamstrings feel like iron rods. Secondly, because all I can think about is counts every single minute of the day. I have 6’s and 8’s and 3’s coming out of my ears and rattling around in my skull. But finally and probably most importantly it’s been difficult because I feel super emotional about this being the last time I will dance with this lovely group of people, who have been constantly around me for the last three years. We have sweated together, bled together and cried together and I mean all of these literally- there are no boundaries within our year group- we’ve seen it all.

Apart from these three things, this rehearsal period has been a dream. Everyday after I’ve succeeded in catapulting myself out of bed…

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