Human Studies

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Human studies is a project conducted for the independent project in the final year of my degree studies. The focus of the project is on authentic movement that we undertake everyday and how this can be utilised in performance. How the movements we undertake to make a cup of tea, brush our hair or open an envelope all have aesthetic beauty should they be really observed. An examination on how all, and indeed any movement can be perceived as dance.

This project culminated in a durational installation running for approximately two hours entitled: M U S É E | D E | L A | D A N S E

A living breathing examination of human locomotion and behaviour. The living museum which attempts to challenge the way that we see things and how the space that they are presented in affects this, for the average amount of time we spend looking at a piece of artwork is seventeen seconds[1].

Below you can see video footage and research behind each of my task based rehearsals:

[1] Toledo Museum of Art. (2016). The Art of Seeing Art™. Available: Last accessed 17th Feb 2016.