My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. Including performance work, choreography and producing.

Showreel / CV (2019)

Performer showreel featuring own choreography (2016 & 2017), improvisation, and works by Stephanie Tomason (2018) and Tina Tapgaard (2017).

A Celebration of Dance 3 (2019)

A Celebration of Dance 3 – The Dance Studio Leeds’ 10 Year Anniversary in aid of St. Gemma’s Hospice. I produced and directed a show featuring over 150 community performers from across Leeds in a variety of dance genres and raised over £3,000 for charity.

Music: Black and Gold by Brenna Whittaker
Video: Simon Marshall
Edited by: Jess Cooper

This footage is courtesy of The Dance Studio Leeds and purely for portfolio purposes.

Forces (2019)

I was commissioned by NSCD to rework and rehearsal direct Shirley Jacob’s piece Forces for the NSCD Access to Education graduation in June/July 2019.

This footage is courtesy of NSCD and purely for portfolio purposes.

Intimacy (2018)

Excerpts from my masters research project exploring the correlation between intimacy and space. Two humans having one conversation in a variety of different social spaces to explore the effect of environment, on the intimacy of their interpersonal relationship.

Performers: Charlotte Jones and Mason Jubb
Concept and Video: Charlotte Arnold

Time (2017)

Time – commission for the Danish Royal Ballet School, Holstebro – Asteroids Company (2017). A short dance work exploring the racing nature of time and how it can manifest itself physically.

Dødens Triumf (2017)

I choreographed and performed a reimagining of The Danish Royal Ballet’s, Dødens Triumf for The Savage Rose’s fiftieth anniversary concert at The Royal Theatre Copenhagen.

Performed and created with David Price.

Human Studies (2016)

Footage taken during Musée de la Danse, a performance installation conceived and facilitated in my final year at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. 

On a timed loop, the humans have the freedom to pick from a range of activities: counting money, personal care, making tea, watching television, drawing, sleeping or the wrapping of gifts. Activities that form the make up of our everyday routine, are punctuated by the perpetual sound of an alarm forcing them to move on, to carry on living. Performed in a white studio, the installation asks audiences to try and view these mundane activities in a new light, observing the movement that the tasks provoke, and how they shed new meaning on moving. 

For more information visit: charlottearnold.co.uk/explorations/human-studies/

Performed by: Ella Ballard, Anna Cabré Verdiell Bosch, Martha Gosnold, Ripp Greatbatch and Zak Sandford
Video/editing: Charlotte Arnold