making movement

One thing that I've been saying throughout first year is that I want to push myself to create movement. I feel like it is an area that I still need to explore, but felt slightly scared and intimidated to enter into. Being creative on its own is not something that I find scary, but having [...]

Great Expectations

I'm going to see my brother play a rat in a school play tonight. I have no idea what it will be like, I have no expectations, not even of what my brother will be like, but in a way I like this. I like not knowing what to expect- it's exciting. I think sometimes [...]

do not ignore this post

When I was about 13 I did a presentation on feminism in my English class. On reflection it was very juvenile, only discussed the very basic ideas and included playing Britney Spears 'Womaniser' in the background... At that time I didn't fully understand how serious feminism was and still is. Of course I knew about [...]

500 words on personal space

As soon as I enter a dance studio I am guaranteed to have my personal space invaded. Teachers will prod and poke me, I will inhale other people's sweat vapour and probably roll around in their sweat angels* on the floor. Sounds really disgusting doesn't it? My advice and main focus of this post is [...]