help! my bad knee is dominating my life

There’s nothing more frustrating than a recurring injury. You think you’ve kicked it in the butt and moved on, but it just keeps running back to you. Jumping out again and shouting “Hey, I’m back! Ready for pain? Ready to be unable to plie or jump properly? Ready to spend endless amounts of time wondering [...]

dancers > jobs

My current situation: I am a second year student at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, where I pay £9000 tuition with money I don't own, plus racking up further debts with a maintenance loan each year. I do, like many other people I know, have a part time job in order to support my studies and luckily my [...]

movement submission

I have recently been playing with the idea of submitting. And, no this is not related to Fifty Shades of Grey, I have neither read the books or seen the film, and therefore is not inspired by either. Rather, it has been buoyed by a couple things that I have noticed, heard or experienced over [...]

Still as a Statue

Today, for my research project I stood still for twenty minutes and filmed it. The aim, being to minimise all movement solely to that of the natural processes (breathing, heart beating, digestions etc.)- things that I cannot consciously put on pause. It was interesting, before I started the task I assumed that I was being [...]

in at the deep end

First day of second year = finished. Whilst I am filled with a huge amount of optimism for the coming year, and hugely determined to get stuck in, I can't help but feel a little bit overwhelmed. Walking into Northern's foyer this morning to a sea of unfamiliar faces all bright, and hopeful and excited, [...]