Today is a sunny day.

It's amazing how a good mood can lift your day. Whenever I feel overwhelmingly positive I wish I could bottle it up and use it whenever I feel angry, sad or frustrated. Adding to my good mood is the fact that assessments are basically over for this half term (apart from an essay draft to [...]

Great Expectations

I'm going to see my brother play a rat in a school play tonight. I have no idea what it will be like, I have no expectations, not even of what my brother will be like, but in a way I like this. I like not knowing what to expect- it's exciting. I think sometimes [...]

The power of sight

I like improvising. I like having the creative freedom to explore movement in ways that may not necessarily be covered in technique class. A medium within which I can play with ideas, lapse into favourite movements or simply go completely nuts and jump around for a bit. A lot of creative tasks that I have [...]