Good morning, and congratulations on accepting your problem. Now that we have undertaken more research we can diagnose your condition as an adrenaline junkie. By opting to pursue a career in dance you have only intensified the addiction, but don't worry we are here to help... I feel like this is what everyone should receive when [...]

Still as a Statue

Today, for my research project I stood still for twenty minutes and filmed it. The aim, being to minimise all movement solely to that of the natural processes (breathing, heart beating, digestions etc.)- things that I cannot consciously put on pause. It was interesting, before I started the task I assumed that I was being [...]

in at the deep end

First day of second year = finished. Whilst I am filled with a huge amount of optimism for the coming year, and hugely determined to get stuck in, I can't help but feel a little bit overwhelmed. Walking into Northern's foyer this morning to a sea of unfamiliar faces all bright, and hopeful and excited, [...]

planning ahead

Seeing as the Easter holidays are drawing to a close I thought it would be fitting to draft a list of things to do/attain during my last term of first year. A term that is scheduled with a full round assessments and is intended (I guess) to propel me into second year. It would be very [...]

Take a break?

I moved away from home seven months ago and I've already started forgetting things. A shaky first five minutes driving after six months of non-driving was what first made me notice that my memory isn't quite as sharp as I thought it was. I went back to school the other day to collect my A Level [...]