I love Leeds

I love Leeds more and more everyday. I love Northern, I love being in Yorkshire and I love the people here. Last night I went to Partytime in Dusseldorf: a fundraiser for Gracefool Collective, Spokeswoman and SLUTDROP at Browning House in Chapeltown, and just loved the atmosphere. Live performances, live music and pizza rolls- naturally it was [...]


So my blog has been up and running for a year now! I can't believe it's been so long already, and I am really grateful for everyone who has read my posts and given me such kind feedback. Stay with me, hopefully there's a lot more to come!

500 words on being busy

I have a friend (one of my best friends) who’s schedule is so choc-a-bloc that it’s difficult to find time to see her. Are you free then? No. How about then? Not really. Is an all too common conversation between us, it’s probably all that our text conversations consist of. I’m not saying this is [...]