making movement

One thing that I've been saying throughout first year is that I want to push myself to create movement. I feel like it is an area that I still need to explore, but felt slightly scared and intimidated to enter into. Being creative on its own is not something that I find scary, but having [...]

I love Leeds

I love Leeds more and more everyday. I love Northern, I love being in Yorkshire and I love the people here. Last night I went to Partytime in Dusseldorf: a fundraiser for Gracefool Collective, Spokeswoman and SLUTDROP at Browning House in Chapeltown, and just loved the atmosphere. Live performances, live music and pizza rolls- naturally it was [...]

planning ahead

Seeing as the Easter holidays are drawing to a close I thought it would be fitting to draft a list of things to do/attain during my last term of first year. A term that is scheduled with a full round assessments and is intended (I guess) to propel me into second year. It would be very [...]

Take a break?

I moved away from home seven months ago and I've already started forgetting things. A shaky first five minutes driving after six months of non-driving was what first made me notice that my memory isn't quite as sharp as I thought it was. I went back to school the other day to collect my A Level [...]