A Review of Romeo & Julien

Romeo and Julien 1pm, Sunday 16th October 2016 Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton My other half, Ben, has had limited exposure to the words of Shakespeare and the medium of contemporary dance. Although, this lack of exposure is not through his distaste of both forms I have taken it upon myself, as a lover of both, [...]


       Two weekends ago I was lucky enough to review Yorkshire Dance's Juncture Festival as part of the young blogger's scheme. Not only was the prospect of seeing dance and art not readily available in Leeds appealing, but the free tickets and ability to have my reviews published was very attractive. Here are the links to my [...]

Appreciation in the Nation

I often wonder about the audience when I go and see a dance piece. Are they primarily people involved in the dance industry? Aspiring young dancers and their parents being pulled along with them? Or people completely new to the art form, who thought, hell I'm going to watch Richard Alston Dance Company on Friday night, [...]

and there’ll be sun, sun, sun

I am a self-confessed Hofesh Shechter obsessive. Sparked primarily by my involvement in the U.Dance Ensemble, a youth dance company of which he was the artistic director, I find myself in a position where as soon as someone mentions his name I am unequivocally alert. Being able to witness and participate in his creative process [...]