Leeds, city of illumination

I love Leeds. Everyday I find out something new, some hidden gem that makes me want to explore this beautiful city even more. Coming from a country background, I still find it surreal that buses are frequent, I can get a takeaway delivered and of course that there is 4G. City life is something I can [...]

I love Leeds

I love Leeds more and more everyday. I love Northern, I love being in Yorkshire and I love the people here. Last night I went to Partytime in Dusseldorf: a fundraiser for Gracefool Collective, Spokeswoman and SLUTDROP at Browning House in Chapeltown, and just loved the atmosphere. Live performances, live music and pizza rolls- naturally it was [...]


       Two weekends ago I was lucky enough to review Yorkshire Dance's Juncture Festival as part of the young blogger's scheme. Not only was the prospect of seeing dance and art not readily available in Leeds appealing, but the free tickets and ability to have my reviews published was very attractive. Here are the links to my [...]