Using the principles of gravity, momentum, twisting and folding we’ll use our body’s natural mechanics to propel us through floor and standing patterns, improvisation and working through a longer phase. 
I want my classes to give dancers the freedom to move how their body feels on that day, to be curious by movement and inspired to explore, but also to feel that they have worked physically and muscularly. The class will move through guided floor and standing patterns, integrated with improvisation and end with working through a phrase that I’d like to build over the weeks. I focus on the principles of gravity, momentum, twisting and folding to make moving easier, more efficient and less effort. Essentially, we’ll use our body’s natural mechanics to propel us seamlessly through the class.
My personal practice is constantly motivated by the quest for easy movement. How can I move with less effort? How can I be more efficient? How can I use the physics of momentum, gravity and inertia to inform my practice? Skinner Releasing Technique, and Jennifer Lynn Crawford have been huge instigators in the desire to be easy when moving, and thus this inevitably trickles through into my teaching. In tandem with this, I like classes to offer the option to think a lot, and to question and explore movement alongside movement patterns where I can stretch myself to work at the physical depths of my range. In theory, there should be something for everyone in this class depending on what you want in that moment in time. Structurally, the class will be quite traditional- likely starting on the floor or with improvisation to warm up and then moving to standing patterns and finishing with a phrase that I would like to develop and work on over the series of classes. The classes will be the refined and expanded version of classes I have delivered for ProDance Leeds, Open Source Arts and The Dance Studio Leeds, so if you’ve been to one of my classes before it won’t be something entirely new. Come and dance with me!
A professional level class, but students and those wanting something more advanced are welcome to attend. 

Charlotte has previously taught classes at:
  • The Northern School of Contemporary Dance (CAT, Foundation and Degree Students)
  • Pro Dance Leeds
  • Open Source Arts
  • DanceEast Centre of Advanced Training
  • Danish Talent Academy
  • Danish Royal Ballet School Holstebro
  • MUDA Africa

Upcoming classes:

Monday 9th September – Monday 14th October 2019
6:30pm – 8pm at The Middle Floor
5pm per class