Artychoke Magazine

Winter 2020 | Issue 1

Charlotte is delighted to share the first edition of the digital arts magazine – Artychoke, which she is co-editing with Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch. Featuring poetry, illustration, photography and prose, Artychoke is devoted to highlighting acts of resistance within the Arts.

Online classes available to buy

Open Level Contemporary

An open level pre-recorded contemporary class focusing on stretching and toning through a range of classic contemporary exercises. A compact workout moving through curves, plies, swings and small jumps with optional layers to add complexity for dancers with more experience.

Advanced Contemporary

This is an advanced/ professional level contemporary class which has adapted to be more compact. This class is usually delivered for professional morning class / to dance students, but any dancers who want to try something more advanced are also welcome – please message to discuss suitability.

30 Minute Stretch

A thirty minute, whole body stretch tutorial that can be used after a class to fully cool down, or as a standalone video to release tension. There’s a little bit of strength work to put some heat in the body if you’ve not done a class before this and are a little bit cold, but you can always skip it if you prefer. 

£5 each / £3 unwaged
£8 for two classes
£10 for three classes

To purchase please fill out the following form here

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